I am too sad to tell you why
Inspired by the work from the 1970-71, "I am too sad to tell you" by a conceptual artist Bas Jan Ader, the photographer is dealing with the topic of sadness caused by unknown reasons. Since the general theme of "melancholy" in the Renaissance gained its iconographic completeness, the artist often refers to renaissance portraits, thus drawing inspiration for poses, gestures, characters and scenography.

Melancholy does not represent what it used to in the Renaissance - sadness from the heroic domain of melancholy of an intellectual who finds it difficult to have any scientific incomprehensibilities – it moves from the romantic understanding of sadness as weltschmerz to present, where sadness is loneliness in the hermetic system of personal. In order to be able to explain our grief in a fragmentally deconstructed reality without mutually great narratives, we must first explain the entire individual system, and we are too sad to do that. (Ana Simona Zelenović)
Costume design
Ana Božović Ganka
Jovana Radivojčević
Makeup artist
Jana Škobić
Aleksandar Kecman
Milica Sužnjević
Jelena Tjapkin
Mihailo Glišović
Aleksandra Mitrović
Veronika Klačar
Milan Alivojvodić
Mina Krstajić